Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is the end.....but I'm only a click away!

Hello lovelies!  I know I have been a bit quite here and I have no excuses but............

I am leaving.

I have decided to cease writing this blog, I don't know if it will be forever or for a week , but it is done.  I have moved 'house' and am now completely at Inspired Kate .  This used to be my other blog but it is now my only blog.  I have tried to make it a bit grown up with facebook and twitter etc.  It is a work in progress and any advice is more than welcome.

Thank you for following me here and I promise some high excitement if you come with me to Inspired Kate

Monday, July 4, 2011

Things I want to tell my children

Photo taken by me of my two  kids Madam & Mr

I'm not sure why but I have been thinking lately about things I want my kids to know.....not the usual I want you too know you were planned and not a lack of contraception and drunk night creation sort of thing....but real things...just like....

After 9pm at night and four bottles of red (or white) no one gives a hoot that you spent $100 on a bottle of wine.....so please don't be that pretentious shit who gets drunk and quotes to all and sundry how much the bottle cost and who made it.  At that time of night as long as it's wine it's good.

You will get your heart broken.  There will be one person who hurts you more than anyone else and this will be the person you will be convinced you can't live without.  You can live without them, you do live without them.  You move on, grow up then hear that they are thirty something living with their parents still and you will be so happy they broke your heart.

Don't disregard blue cheese, or any cheese for that matter, that smells a little weird (unless it does because you left it in the fridge for months on end!).  Appreciate it and love it....it is good believe me.

Lead don't follow.  Do what you believe in, wear what you believe be conscious in you life! Please don't follow, be a sheep or just do things, hang out with people because it is trendy.  No one will respect you and in hindsight you will not respect yourself.  An interesting existence is much better than a beige one.

Always have enough in the cupboard and fridge to make a platter.  Platters are everything.  A bottle of wine and a platter makes the world a better place and will make everyone that visits your home happier.  Olives, cheese, crackers, etc.......even if you are down to your last cent make sure you have it and it's decent quality.

Opposites attract.  It's fact.  You can be the exact polar opposite of someone and that person will become the person you laugh, cry, fight, make up, drink, party, live and cr?eate babies with.  If you look at someone and think 'I don't want to wake up without you' then no matter how different you are that person will be the love of your life.

Whether you love boys and/or girls,  save the world or something else, have babies or not, are tall/short curvy,teeny -  as long as you are happy and fabulous and nice to people.....the world will be better for having you in it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A man and his dog

The Mr and his bulldog George.

I would love you to check out more of my photos over at my other blog
Inspired Kate.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soul Food

Sometimes it's hard to accept things...sometimes it's even harder to accept things and people are changing or have changed.  I think I'm tired. I'm tired of justifying why the old doesn't have to be maintained, why new people can bring fantastic experiences, why growing up doesn't have to be boring and why I'm no longer willing to 'do the right thing'.

I guess I just figure now things change, people change, lives change.  My dad has always said that you should concentrate on people that give you 'soul food' 

....so for the Mr, the Madam and the new bean I think
 I'm going to keep trying to do that.
...surround us with soul food.

What gives you soul food? 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can you help a mother out?

My friend Nicole of Ellabella prints fame is running an auction on facebook on Friday June 24th from 12 noon.  The proceeds from the auction go to the lady in the picture, her name is Jen, she is a friend of Nicole's.

Jen has been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer and as it stands has a 5% survival rate.  There is treatment that could improve her odds and quality of life and that is what Nicole would like to raise money for.  Jen also has a little boy and like any mum would like to be around as long as possible to see him do all the things that little boys do!

So how can you help a mother out?

* Come over to Ellabella Prints facebook page and click like then you can check out all the fab offers  and products that are coming in thick and  fast for the auction.  Items so far include everything from notebooks to photography sessions, advertising to kids clothes.

* You could also help spread the word - facebook, blogs, twitter - auctions are best when you have to fight for it - so let everyone in.

* If you have any talents or products to donate - contact Nicole on the page.


As always, thank you for reading this , thank you if you even direct just one person to Ellabella Prints auction it would be a great help to benefit a Mum, a friend,  that really needs a bit of hope now.

* Have a look at Jen's blog Keeping My Clogs Firmly On!*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why girls don't run the world

This video is phenomenal - there is not really much more I can say apart from please watch it!
A big thank you to MamaBake for  putting it on facebook this morning.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Adding a little bit of happy...

I read Danielle's blog Sometimes Sweet ALOT! She is such an inspiring lady - who turned me into a quinoa lover.  One of my favourite things about her blog are the guests she has.  I have found so many fantastic, unique blogs all through these guests.  Today (or yesterday depending on time zones) the guest is Lauren from Busy Bee who has a bit of a link up going with the topic being .....what are you going to do this week to add to the quality of your life?

I thought it was such a great list of goals to make.  So instead of writing another shopping list, bills to be paid list, cleaning to do list I thought I would do this......

Three things to add to the quality of my life this week!

1.  I will not put myself in the position of being with people that share their negative energy and bitch all the time.  If it means not answering the phone and declining a few invites I am just hoping that positive breeds positive.

2.  I will take more photos......intentionally not just photos of the Madam but actual photos of beautiful things I see.  Photo's to blog about.  Hopefully I get my holga lens this week which would help with this.

3.  Laugh....laugh as much as possible.  Every time I feel the tears coming, the anger welling or the frustration spilling I will laugh.

What are you doing this week to add a little bit of happy?