Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet my friend............

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I would just like you all to meet a friend of mine Nicole.  She has started this blog called Peas in a Pod.  It will be fabulous because she is fabulous.  She is a wife, mum to three and an all round super woman with talents and businesses coming out the proverbial wahzoo!

Truth be told the last time I saw Nicole was when we were about fifteen (I think!) - we were friends since primary school and did the drift apart thing.  But now, due too the wonders of stalkbook  facebook  we have reconnected.  Funny enough if looks like we have both ended up doing quite similiar things with our lives - except trust me I am Robin to her Batman mum/business skills! Once I have unpacked from the move I promise to post some photos that will prove the years that we have known each other!

So I would love it if you pop in to her blog, say hello, will so be worth it.

Now I must work on getting her on twitter cause that is where the cool kids hang!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

As most of you know my darling daughter is four going on forty - it seems the more words she learns the more 'OH MY GOD!' moments I have.  So I thought I would share a few with you....

* This morning when council man knocks on the door at 8am to tell me they will be in my front yard all day...
Madam:  "I'm not allowed to open the fly door but I can talk to you through here...who are you? Do you like my dress?

   Him: "Good girl for not opening the door Mummy home?"

   Madam: " Yes she is hiding getting her trackies on so you don't see her knickers...she said shit too"

   Him : uncontrollable laughter.

* Last night when we went on a late run to the shop there was a baby left in a car that members of the public were trying to get out as it was far too hot. Along with another mum the Madam and I went asking if anyone knew who the parents were in all the shops.

    Me: "Does anyone own the black car with the baby inside?'

    Madam: " Have you lost the baby that came out your vagina?"

* On returning from my parents house after I have packed most of
  the stuff up for the move - and yes whilst
  my parents were still here.

     'Mum the house looks so tidy...see you can do it!"

Just a few of the recent gems from my darling daughter.......
and yet she looks like butter wouldn't melt.

This is part of FYBF currently hosted at Wanderlust.

* Just a note as I know a few have asked - yes I went to the shop yesterday and yes in hot weather a baby was locked in a car - due to the quick thinking of a couple of lovely council blokes and an off duty police lady the baby was removed and is okay - the parents came back and promptly sorted by police, ambos and locals *

She & Him

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Sorry I have been a bit slack here - a bit wrapped up in the big move which hopefully should be completed sometime next week!  But here is my new favourite song/filmclip .......even when you think it may not be your cup of tea trust me it stays in your head!