Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the way....

Heatwave take out

It is just at the beginning of the Monday we will be in 43 degree heat..........we went out night for tea.......I was stoked to have this shot.....I hate the hot weather but it does bring in some great photos.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Funny thing that love

The Mr

The Mr and I are complete opposites - where I am left he is right, where I love art and creativity he loves math and sensible answers, where I like 'art' films and indi docos he watches big budget American blockbusters - I think in the five years we have been together we have only agreed on about five things!
Sometimes it can be very difficult to co - exist in a life with your complete opposite. Sometimes, on both sides, it feels like you take a step forward and two steps back. We have both driven each other to complete madness and frustration and yes....we have thought is it worth it?

Yes it is....

Because when it comes down to it I wouldn't want to argue, disagree, discuss and make up with anyone else and I never wanted to be with someone who would just agree to placate me (which the Mr will never do!)

Funny how love works isn't it?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Summer surf...... (just a bit late)

Surfing girl

I have been part of Jodis (from Che & Fidel) Monday Summer pics for a while now. The only problem for the last two weeks I forgot Monday even existed so this is my Monday summer photo - just a little late.

The madams first "surf" ! She has in her head that surfing is stand up so wont really consider laying down on a body board - yes it's kinda like she just got half the concept. But she has a good go anyway. There is nothing like being at the beach with this girl to make your day better!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Karma Krazy


Just a little note about how the newest family member is doing.... because I have turned into one of those crazy people that takes their dog everywhere and thinks people actually want read about what she is up to!

Karma is settling in well - is great with the madam and a pretty good dog all round. The funniest thing is she has taken to the Mr like nothing on earth! There he is all 5'10 and tattooed toughness with this tiny puppy following every move he makes. She has even started taking of with his underwear! Yes, she is one of a the rest of the madhouse.

Our only issue is she doesn't seem to like the puppy biscuits the vet told us to use for her any suggestions? At the moment she is getting supplemented with organic chicken mixed with her biscuits but any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simplify and let go...

Simple things

I think I am working out that if I let go of things/people I don't become as stressed as I usually get. It's difficult to not over think things as I can have a tendancy to be 'over neurotic'. I'm always apologising, calling to make sure no one was offended, etc, etc. But I'm slowly working out that if I just let go and accept things the way they are often it is just me that is over thinking and no one else really gives a shit!

I am also working on letting go of some negative people around - at the moment it seems to have happened suprisingly easy and I feel a lot better - I can actually feel myself being more positive and talking about many other topics besides the continouse drama that those people created.

Now it's just the other 500 things I need to work on......

The photo has nothing really to do with it I just loved the can and thought it was simply lovely