Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why girls don't run the world

This video is phenomenal - there is not really much more I can say apart from please watch it!
A big thank you to MamaBake for  putting it on facebook this morning.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Adding a little bit of happy...

I read Danielle's blog Sometimes Sweet ALOT! She is such an inspiring lady - who turned me into a quinoa lover.  One of my favourite things about her blog are the guests she has.  I have found so many fantastic, unique blogs all through these guests.  Today (or yesterday depending on time zones) the guest is Lauren from Busy Bee who has a bit of a link up going with the topic being .....what are you going to do this week to add to the quality of your life?

I thought it was such a great list of goals to make.  So instead of writing another shopping list, bills to be paid list, cleaning to do list I thought I would do this......

Three things to add to the quality of my life this week!

1.  I will not put myself in the position of being with people that share their negative energy and bitch all the time.  If it means not answering the phone and declining a few invites I am just hoping that positive breeds positive.

2.  I will take more photos......intentionally not just photos of the Madam but actual photos of beautiful things I see.  Photo's to blog about.  Hopefully I get my holga lens this week which would help with this.

3.  Laugh....laugh as much as possible.  Every time I feel the tears coming, the anger welling or the frustration spilling I will laugh.

What are you doing this week to add a little bit of happy?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

That ad.......

I noticed today that social media , a la twitter, etc was buzzing a bit with comments about an advertisement that is running in support of the governments proposed carbon tax.  Many comments seem to dislike the ad, the tax and the fact that Cate Blanchett is supporting it.  The main issue seems to be that as she is a woman of sufficient wealth a carbon tax will not really impact on her day to day living.

I will be blatantly honest - I have not made up my mind.  I am not usually a fence sitter, in fact I detest fence sitting, but I honestly can't say whether I am entirely convinced about the introduction of a carbon tax or not.  I feel that many areas need to be taken into consideration before it is introduced as more and more families are struggling with existing in day to day life as it is.


I am in support of our democracy.  I believe in free speech and an informed society.  So whilst I still need to concrete my carbon tax opinion I do fully support this advertisement.  We all have the right to say what we believe, what we support why on earth can't Cate Blanchett?

Here is the ad....I would love to know what you think x