Friday, January 29, 2010

Ask the professionals....anyone?

Hello lovelies! Well I thought it was a while since I posed a life altering question so when better than a Friday night!

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with Montessori education? As you know the Madam is three and an energetic, inquisitive bundle of three she is. We have a local Montessori school that a few kids from playgroup go too and it sounds like it may be beneficial in keeping her stimulated. I am also hoping to find a way of her being a bit more 'social' with other kids as she prefers adults most of the time - I am thinking that's an only child thing?

Anyway any advice, as always, will be much appreciated xx

Look what I found....

I love this room especially what I thought were fridge magnets but could be plates on the bunk bed ( I can't remember where I found this but will put the link up asap)

I would love to live here

My little matryoshka


See I can make stuff! Yes I cheated - it was actually an already printed pattern (you didn't guess that did you?) but I did sew it together and stuff it. My little matryoshka doll is my pride and joy from a realitively mad cap disorganised (again) week. Luckily madam loves it....
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Monday, January 25, 2010

My place & yours!

The lovely Vic over at Punky & Me is now the reigning Queen of My place & yours! I was too much of a slacker to join in last year but this year I will put my butt into gear and participate - it's really cool to see how many bloggers there are that have scaringly similar or inspiringly different tastes than me! The theme for this week is

What I'm reading!

Books wise I'm making my way through the books below :

My place

Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love and Bill Grangers cook book EveryDay. I have read them both before but I find that in different ways they are both the kind of books that give me soul food. Whether it be reading about Elizabeth falling in love in Italy or finding spirituality or Bill managing to feed all three daughters dynamically healthy food whilst nursing a hangover from a beautiful dinner party - it just makes me hopeful that one day I will find that balance of organisation, fulfilment and white wine dinner parties! Either that or I will still be re - reading these books.

Summer flowers

My happy flower

My favourite flower - I don't know why - they just always make me happy. I think they are tiger lillies. When the Mr and I first moved in with each other we would always go to the central market and he would buy them for me.

I love them.......

This is part of the summer series hosted over at Che & Fidel....follow the links from there and check out the rest of summer....