Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lovely inspiration.....

People amaze me......actually people on the Internet amaze me..... it still blows me away that there are so many wonderfully creative and talented souls out inspiration for this week comes from......

My new favourite blogs to read are this one and that one

A mum that never ever stops inspiring me to do if only I could borrow some of her talent

A great reminder that sometimes there are cracks along all of our paths

Almost forgot ....a great new show on ABC2 check it out .....brilliant

It's finally got a little cooler here and the madam is just getting over some monkey cold so we are 'hermits' at the moment....I'm off to build indoor cubby houses. Have a good day x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ghost post

I have written before about a little thing I can it's not anything brilliantly crafty or a phenomenal recipe or even some earth shattering parenting tip...........I see dead people. I do......don't panic if your not quite sure if I am a truth teller or a crazy person.....but it is a part of my life so thus I will blog about a couple of people from the 'other side'.

Sometimes I have 'regulars' that are in my life. they are people that have died and for one reason or another the still are at a stage where I can communicate and see them. I have pretty much had the same 'regulars' for the last five or so years - other people come in and out but the same group usually move fairly closely with me.

Two of those people are the grandfathers of the Mr and myself. My Poppa stays pretty close to the madam and as such that is usually when we come across each other......also when he wants to tell me how to do things. I was very close to my Poppa so it is very cool for me to be able to live my life with him involved , in a way, and to know that he has 'met' the madam. Poppa usually goes between my kitchen, the madams room and outside. He quite often will tell me he is taking off with my nanna and goes for a while and comes back.

The Mr's Grandpa is a little different. I didn't know him when he was alive but by all accounts he was a wonderful but complicated man. He came into my life two weeks after I met the Mr and has never really left. His wife and both children are still alive and he seems to be another kitchen 'haunter'........he usually sticks to the kitchen and the dining room (which is one room)'s interesting getting to know someone who you never really met. He is also a very strong it makes for some interesting heated ' grandpa discussions' in my house.

These are just two of my 'regulars' .... these people are a prominant presence in my life which kind of explains why I'm never really bored staying at home or being alone. I was just thinking before about how much I probably take these people a little for granted......I am wonderfully priviliged to have the continued existence of these people in my life.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A man dance

I'm not sure what country they come from but this is apparently a group of soldiers serving overseas at the moment. Good on them for having some fun....nice moves!