Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reality Check

I have come across this in a few different places - I can't wait to see it! The weird thing is I have been having a 'breakdown' (for lack of a better word) about Christmas (this is also my excuse for being a slack blogger!). Since I had the Madam I have this neurotic freak out about wether she really needs presents, what to get her, making sure everything is educational - you know the deal. I watched this trailer and the last scene with the Mongolian baby is fantastic and has kind of brought me back to earth...........

I'll be back later I have to go and get a cuppa xxxx

Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer love


Well I don't really think the universe knows what it's up to with the weather - today is a little bit murky and I am back in jeans - not complaining as I love it!
Today is the start of the Monday Summer pics from Jodie at Che and Fidel .

This is obviously a bit of a staged picture but it encompasses some of my absolute favourite things about the weather warming up - if I have to endure heat, sweat,and the creatures of summer I will do so! But only with my fruit (mangoes being my beloved) and my juice......

If my link above doesn't work there is a link on the side bar to Che and Fidel - check out all the other lovelies of summer!