Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogetoberfest finale: Exorcist

Over it

Well for the end of my very first Blogtoberfest the madam has contracted some exorcist like bug which has seen an insane amount of bodily fluids from all orfices flow through my house last night and today. So the weekends happenings are cancelled and we are opting for a couple of days inside to recoup. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Halloween ( I caved and bought some lollies in case I get any little visitors)x

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is it just me?

Okay onto other things - I am always in a bit of a quandary over October 31 - do I or do I not celebrate Halloween? I am a big fan of anything with ghosts and goblins involved but I was just wondering if anyone else does it? There seems to be more and more Halloween gear in our stores - is it just another commercialised thing I am getting myself sucked into or is it really starting to take off in Australia? There seems to be numerous lolly eyeballs around - which in a bit of a twisted way are kinda cool - but I think I might be getting sucked into this a bit.......

Something else I am not real sure of is what seems to be an increase of anger for absolutely the weirdest reasons. I have lived in a pretty small, 'hippified' place for a while and I haven't been in the actually 'outside the home' workforce but people are really amazing me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I am all for experiencing the full spectrum of emotion and I do get a pissed at probably ridiculous things. Things I am not real sure about are the amount of anger in cars, people that get pissed at other people driving the speed limit or waiting for the truck to go before they turned - I always figure if I am late it is either my fault ( cause I am a little disorganised ) or just luck of the draw - in the grand scheme of things is there any point to sitting in your car abusing other people? They can't hear you - they don't care! They just think your a nutter who talks to themselves? But maybe it is just me that doesn't get it. Also, why I am up here on my soapbox, if you talk to people like they are idiots, and yell at them or give them attitude I am fairly sure it comes back to bite you in the ass. In the past two weeks I have seen people get mad about coffee not being right, unexpected guests, weddings, really (to me) 'out there reasons' and in some way I think all this anger turns on you in the end.

I think when you live in a day to day world where the other inhabitant is three maybe you get a different ( or twisted) view on things!

Enjoy your Friday x

Blogtoberfest 30: Light at the end

Well we survived the four days that became the madams third birthday - I am now thirty with a three year old - nothing to make you look at life like an age check!

I think the best part about it for me is that the Mr took the day off and we got to hang out together. As I may have mentioned in previous posts it took a while for the Mr to get used to the madam - we had a fair few unforseen issues but it seems to all be good now. It is funny how the light at the end off the tunnel seems so far away and then it is just a boom and it appears.

Look Dad

Monday, October 26, 2009

My place and yours......bedside


This is my bedside table - it is as follows -
* a photo of the Mr and the Madam the night we brought her home her jumpsuit at 00000 was the smallest thing we had and it was to big and the only place she would
settle was on his chest.
* a lamp I love to read by and the Mr loves to tell me to turn off.
* an alarm clock I should use but I don't - my phone does that job.
* a notebook and pen for my million dollar ideas at 3am.
* paw paw cream - nectar of the gods
* the latest Frankie Magazine....every girl should have one.

I showed you mine now what is on your bedside? Play along with us all via
Hello! It's Meet Me At Mikes! . Thank you to pottymouthmama for this week's theme!

Blogtoberfest 26: I'm not a baby I'm a real girl!

New baby

I know I have been a slack, slack blogger - but the main culprit of my distraction has been the Madam - she turns three tomorrow. I have a beautiful, lovely, kind, crazy little girl who means the world to me but I am becoming dreadfully aware of how quick time is moving and have been trying to make those last few 'two year old' days really quality time.

This was our conversation this morning:-

Me: 'It's your birthday tommorrow - my baby will be three...'

Madam ' I'm not a baby I'm a real girl....mum you drive me crazy'.

Happy Birthday for tommorrow my baby girlx

Three and counting