Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tattooed ladies & an outspoken 4 year old

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You know how you get to that point where you think you are doing okay as a parent.  The madam is four now so she is goes to the toilet herself, feeds herself, mostly sleeps well, is a fairly nice kid so I probably became a little complacent.

Yesterday changed all that....

It was pay day, and as usual the pay didn't go in until five, so it was a late dash to the shops.  I had one grumpy four year old in tow so I tried to make it as quick and painless as possible.  I even pulled the bribery - ' If you are good I'll buy...' card - yes it was not a classy parent day.

Now to understand what happened next you probably need to know a bit about us.  The Mr has tattoos, my sister is tattooed, my friends have tattoos, my brother & sister in laws are tattooed, we have tattoo art in our house - I have taken the Madam to numerous tattoo parlours in search of someone to do one for me.  She is surrounded my tattooed people, hippies, conservative what have you!

She walks down the supermarket and spots a stunning girl who is covered head to toe in tattoos with long dreads and proceeds to say at top volume,

" What did you draw on yourself? Girls shouldn't have tattoos just Daddy's"

Needless to say I apologised and tore out of there at top speed  with the Madam still at full volume now going

" Mum I knew she was a girl cause she had big boobies like you"

Yes I followed that situation up with a lecture about inappropriate behaviour, everyones right to look how they want and why on earth did she think it was so strange when everyone we know has tattoos....

Then I remembered apart from the fact it was just 'one of those moments  we had  also recently seen the reigning conservative female in our lives - now I know why those visits are few and far between.

* My lesson: Don't take her shopping after 4pm, if I don't want her to say something she will say it, she takes everything in so try and override the negative with SO MUCH more cool things*

Monday, December 6, 2010

My list.........cause I've been naughty

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I don't know why but for some reason lately the words aren't flowing - I can think it I just can't put it on the screen.  Apparently the photo's aren't flowing either as my beloved Nikon died so now I'm looking for a repair man .  But I have constantly been reading every one's blogs and as always am inspired by all that is around me in blogworld......

So instead of writing, as such , I thought I'd list some things that have happened.....

* The Mr is still away for work and comes home on a fortnightly basis - so while his away I have been trying to catch up with some friends! (Maybe he needs a few more jobs away so I can maintain my social life hahaha)

* Summer has hit Adelaide....and yes as much as I am trying I am on the verge of whingeing about the heat....but I am enjoying the balmy (tropical for Adelaide) mornings...and mangoes...there is always mangoes.

* Ruby Gloom is soooooooo my favourite kids program, when I grow up I want to be just like her!

* The madam is almost finished Montessori school for the year....I think I will cry it has been such a beautiful inclusion in her (and my ) life!

* I am finding I know who my wonderful friends are and they are brilliant people - whether we can sit and have a wine or can only twitter/email due to distance you rock!

* I am over unethical psychics/medium/clairvoyant wannabes freaking people out for self serving purposes.  You have a gift to share NOT to scare the crap out of people for your own purposes. (I am a medium so I can say this with experience).

* We are moving in the New Year.  Only 20 minutes away.  But I love moving and new beginnings....I am so excited....we will be in an old cottage that we will redo vintage style.(any ideas let me know!)

* Mangoes .... did I mention them?I love them.

* I love that Kathleen Hanna was/is such a great feminist role model, even years after I discovered her in highschool.  I hope the madam is as inspired by great women like her.

* Green smoothies in the morning...best thing for breakfast.

Maybe this will keep the flow going.........