Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Karma

This is our new baby oops sorry dog - Karma - she is pure English Staffordshire. She was the runt of the litter so she might take a little strength building but so far so cute ..................


How you doin?

Good Karma

We spent a lot of time researching, talking, more researching and getting many, many opinions! This is not a decision we have gone into lightly and we are looking forward to many years of happiness with our new and beloved Karma!

(and yes you can all watch me eat my words when she starts chewing everything!!!!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well..... I know I have been a bit of a slack tart with my beloved blog but I am back. I think I have been letting my 'real life' dominate - which of course is fine - but my creative outlet was just left with no creative out letting - so I made an executive decision about 3am that I am going to give myself just that bit of time in the morning in between slumber/alarm/Mr off to work and the angst cry of 'Maammmmmaaa' to have a bit of blog session!

As far as Christmas goes - the tree is up and lovely and decorated. My favourite part of that is the fairy lights. I don't know why I just love them! I even went on a pilgrimage to Ikea (I know madness!) the other day to look for free standing, battery operated ones but alas there were none. My parents are hosting on our actual Christmas Day but this Saturday we have the Mr's family at his cousins house (for public safety we don't combine). It is beautiful this year as we have a few more children in each family (which tend to outweigh the Grinch's) and I kinda like the idea of Christmas over a week......makes it last longer. I have completed nothing fabulously (I'm making that a word!) crafty so if your are hanging in there for a photo of a Chrissie quilt of handmade decorations I'm sorry).

The Mr just had some male bonding time away fishing/camping/grunting etc. So the madam and I did a few beach excursions and had a few people over, a market visit & joining in a global warming awareness chat on our main street made it definitely a good weekend! The Mr's Aunty is an artist and I went down to her art sale - she creates the most stunning work! She also is mum to two lovely thirteen year old girls who I adore. They were selling some of there creative pursuits as well - I will try and post a photo another day.

As for today I have a friend and her son coming over - good energy people! Thank you to all (Pip, Maggie and Kel my constant sources of wisdom and wiseness!) for the advice about dogs we are still looking and researching and hoping the right dog will come.

I am also working on some submissions for magazines - if they work I will let you know - if not I may fall into that hole of the rejected writer/photographer. I am also working a couple of aromatherapy and slow food 'things'.

Anyway.........hope your all all lovely & happy & see you soon!

* Oh and the Mr found Max our gender confused turtle out the back when he got home after my four hour hunt*

Monday, December 14, 2009

See you on the beach side

Beach Baby

When the end of year is near and the Christmas season is turning into one big breakdown and the turtle is MIA (yes I have managed to lose the worlds slowest animal!) throw the kid in the car and go to the beach..............

Chaos and calm........that is summer.

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