Saturday, July 24, 2010

Afternoon delight

One of my favourite friends has moved so she is now five minutes from me..... I am excited

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I do....or maybe I shouldn't

I am not sure why I have been thinking about it, maybe because I have read quite a few things recently about marriage and/or the lack there of. Or maybe it is because a few people have mentioned it or asked me. The Mr and I have been together five and a half years. We have been engaged for four and half years. We will get married, I guess, but it doesn't particularly bother me.

The Mr has been married before and I never really thought I would get married. Until I met him I didn't actually ever consider a long term relationship. So yes a long term relationship, being a stay at home mum and a three year old were not exactly in my plan.

I don't think I have an aversion to marriage - although we are having a Mexican stand off over the fact I wont change my name - I am just not sure wether it should happen. I like the idea but when I look at it realistically - will it change anything? Do people move from long term relationships to marriage and is it better or does it all fall in a heap? Does it really make a difference to kids?

What do you lovelies think? Is marriage past it's use by date, is it not economically viable or have we lost the ceremony and romance from our relationships.