Friday, August 14, 2009

A photo a day: thirteen: breathe

Yes I am posting a day behind - to my nearest and dearest this would be no surprised as when asked three words to describe me the first two they answer is usually 'crazy and disorganized' - the third usually changes.

Yesterday was one of those days - where I cleaned up - madam took it back out - I put it away - madam took it back out - you see where I am going with this. So about 2pm I gave up, we went to the park, breathed in the fresh air, hopped on the swings, rode the strange but cute horse things - and all is okay in the world.
When the madam was born my gorgeous midwife said to me 'she came out left of centre that is how she will always be' - that has always been unbelievably true. Check out some more photo a day participants at The Byron Life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One must have a personal moon

These very clever Russian artists leonid tishkov and boris bendikov have done this personal moon project - the photos are beautifully stunning! The pictures are beautiful - I know no russian so I'm not sure about the words.

A photo a day: Twelve

I know this is technically for day twelve and I am hoping because I am in before 7am I can get away with it - yesterday involved a tea party with the small people.
Oh how things change !
If you would like to read a really interesting post on GM food from a Dads perspective check this out Waking Up Just A Little Bit More from Pacing The Panic Room - I have absolutely fallen for this blog!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did that just happen

I just took madam to her music class - it's quite a small class and a various mish mash of mums and toddlers attend. It's all very lovely and at the end the have a couple of minutes rest time on the floor - during which - in the dead silence - my darling midget turns to me and says in a her loudest voice ' mum I did a stinky pop off ' .

People wonder why I look for wine by twelve o clock some days.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Serge Gainsbourg


I don't know why but I have just always thought he was very sexy - had to share.

A photo a day: Eleven: beach love!

Inspired by PottyMouthMama's and Ellieboo's recent beach trips the madam and I thought we might venture down today - the weather couldn't really seem to decide if it was winter or spring so for us it was just perfect! Lot's of digging holes, rock collecting and cloud photo's (there is just something cool about clouds. There is just something that makes you feel good at the beach. Hope the day has been lovely for you all.
There are many more lovelies taking part in a photo a day - check it out at The Byron Life

Monday, August 10, 2009

A photo a day: Ten

We took the madam to a childrens farm thingy - I think I was more excited than her!
I know kangaroos are a bit of a pest but I think they rock!

Tommorrow....................I promise something with a little more substance and a lot less fluff!
(These were taken on my sisters pocket rocket camera!)

Be gone oh negative ones

It's a bit disconcerting when you realise you have concentrated your energies in the wrong place - with probably the wrong people. I always thought I was a fairly good judge of character and had my priorities straight as far as who I surrounded myself with. I have changed my mind.
I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I think some of it has to do with turning 30 - I know that is, in the scheme of things, nothing major - but to me it was pretty huge. I also think that some of this self inflicted soul searching has to do with the madam getting older and I am suddenly more aware of just how absorbent children are to those around them.
I know ,realistically, everyone can't be happy and lovely all the time - I am just not sure why if I chose to look at something positively or not let something worry me people get a bit pissy that I'm not 'all about the drama'. I mean - what happened to actually being stoked for people when they find the karmic balance and are not sticking their heads in the oven!
I think what I have to do now is work on surrounding us with positive, inspiring, creative energies and (delicately) move away from these negative energies that seem to have become part of our world. Someone said to me not long ago 'it's all about the love' which sounds pretty good to me.
I know I am a bit behind in my photos but I am hoping to have my photos up to date today and my list up maybe tomorrow.