Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Violence doesn't solve a thing

I can't remember how I came across this but I think it is a fabulous reminder that everything has a ripple effect.....people may think they are protesting for a better world - for peace, health, equality, etc.....but to do so in violent manner is quite ineffective and can do more harm than good.

50 things.........

50 things I.......

Well I couldn't quite make up my mind about what to write my 50 things list about for the Blog This challenge.....I have spent so much time procrastinating 9one of my many talents) that I am now cutting it a little fine with my it entry list for 50 things that is split in two...

Fifty things I either would like to do or wish I knew (or otherwise known as an indecisive persons way of making a list!)
1. Travel Australia with the Mr & Madam - hunt out all the wonderful places, people & history our stunning country has to offer.

2. Travel Italy, France, Croatia & Columbia with the madam (the Mr doesn't like overseas travel!)absorb the culture, people, food & wine (oh the wine!)

3. Start my own business that satisfies me creatively, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

4. Hold fantastic dinner parties.

5. Stop worrying if I am doing 'the right thing' and do what is 'right for me'.

6. Completely 'green' up our house - productive veggie garden, etc

7. Completely 'green' up our house - don't fall back on chemicals, etc just because it is easier.

8. Get my photography published in something!

9. Start a yoga ROUTINE (my least favourite word) with the madam.

10. Train the dog to do some weird trick.

11. Join & be a productive member of at least three of the organisations I keep talking about - stop the blah, blah, blah!

12. Start a savings plan (that sticks) via my incredibly well paying and creatively stimulating business.

13. Make a regular 'date night' with the Mr.

14. Make a regular 'date' with my friends!

15. Read all the books on my 'to do' list.

16. Have more adventures...alone & with my little family.

17. Cook a completely Thai meal.

18. Cook a completely Italian meal.

19. Make a rainbow cake.

20. learn to speak Italian & French.

21. Keep a photo journal.(other than my blog)

22. Take the madam camping.

23. Make a mini - movie (if only for my blog lovelies!)

24. Blog the good, bad & the ugly (not just the okay)

25. Never be beige

Now....things I wish I knew...

26. That the cost of living just keeps going up!

27. That parenting is THE best job in the world but the Christmas party blows.

28. That sometimes it is just down to you.

29. That sometimes you can ask for help.

30. That sometimes wine is wine - sometimes it does not pay to be fussy.

31. That saying ' don't need to wake me up for it though!' is not a valid answer when your Mr wants a bit of action.

32. That sex after baby...especially when said baby is a bad sleeper....can take on many, ways, shape & forms.

33. All babies DON'T sleep....despite what everyone else tells you.

34. When someone says ' I don't want to offend you but...' - they do want to offend so just smack them now.

35. Change is good.

36. Don't be the last person at the party... it's not a good look.

37. Kick yourself for trying rather than kicking yourself for not having a go.

39. Men don't know everything...neither do women (but we are just better at pretending we do)

40. Knowledge is power... Oprah says it so it must be true.

41. Op shops will always have much cooler stuff when you least expect it or you have no or the other.

42. Sometimes the person closet to you is the one with the knife in your back and the person you feel is furthest away... is the one that actually has your back.

43. Different is good.

44. Instilling confidence in a child can be hard.

45. When you would love your child to be lovely, well behaved and generally ' little house on the prairie' like - they will be demonic.

46. The soundtrack to The Big Chill is timeless - especially on a 'wine night'.

47. Stand by what you say......even if your the last one standing.

48. Have your own 'style' ...all styles are made up of a lot of other things from other people.

49. Chocolate is just another word for evil.

50. Money doesn't buy class.

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