Saturday, January 8, 2011

What happens when you turn away....

I am trying to be a little more disciplined this year with my writing and photography which means for small amounts of time the Madam may do some things on her own....whereas I thought she was colouring in or using building blocks she was actually doing this......

The madam decides to take that nickname literally and do her own make up - with my old make up.

 Stool + agile young child = bathroom terrorist

Or..for something different takes her lunch onto my bed whilst 'just borrowing my ipad' and somewhow figures out how to watch ABC on it.

I would say if finances allowed a nanny would be useful but I'm thinking maybe a bouncer???

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Linking up for Lori

Lori from Random Ramblings of a stay at home mum wrote this last night.  Basically - her husband is in ICU fighting for his life.  I have never met Lori but I have read her blog for a long time.  This is something you would never wish on anyone.

Lori and Tony have two small children and Tony is the main breadwinner of the family.  Any way you look at it financially this is going to be difficult.  So, as bloggers do, lets look after one of our own......

Today there is a very special edition of Flog yo blog Friday (which Lori usually hosts) over at Wanderlust

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Thank you lovelies xxxx

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Top Six....

I love to watch a good film - yes I still call them films! The weird - and occasionally stick my head in the oven frustrating thing - is we very rarely agree on TV or film - we actually have completely different taste.  He arrived home yesterday from his stint away working so I  thought seeing as I again have no control over the viewing in our house (at least till he is asleep!) here are my all time top six (yes six just to be different!)  films......

To Kill a Mockingbird - my all time favourite.  I saw it first in highschool after Sister Pat (yes I am a good Catholic schoolgirl!) had us read the novel of the same name by Harper Lee.  Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch stood for everything I ever wanted to be.  For me it was one of those life altering films that i could and have watched over and over again.

Reality Bites - I was in high school when this came out.  In the midst of the nineties where I was surrounded by the life and death of Kurt Cobain and the grunge music scene, being inspired by Kathleen Hanna and thinking that boys who had goatees and quoted dead philosophers  were it and a bit.  This movie was kinda Hollywood but kind cool.  Ethan Hawke, Janeane Garofolo, Winona Ryder...loved it.

Beuno Vista Social Club - This one is a doco that is about when Ry Cooder and a couple of other people went to Havana in Cuba.  They found and brought together some of the greatest musicians in Cuba, that had performed at the original Beuno Vista Social Club, and created an amazing story.  They got together and once again performed, released music and toured.  It is a really cool doco with a fantastic soundtrack.  A guy I used to work with recommended it too me - he used to smoke A LOT of weed - so for someone with relatively impaired judgement it was a good choice.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona - This is a Woody Allen film -although I am a massive Woody Allen fan - this seems to be one of the less neurotic ones.  My  friend told me to watch this.  One day we want to go to Mexico together - for the rumoured end of the world party in 2012.  She said I would love this film....all I have to say to you is Javier Bardem.....the man is a GOD!

The Constant Gardener - this is brilliant.  I am not actually a big fan of Ralph Fiennes but this is such a good movie I almost loved him.  Rachael Weisz is magnificent.  A story about love, betrayal, Africa and belief!

Almost Famous - I love seventies rock, I love Billy Crudup & Kate Hudson in fact I just love this entire movie.  Based on Cameron Crowe's experiences touring with great bands - this makes you want to be a groupie - or at least that's what it did to me!

What's yours? x

P.S. This is the best scene from Reality Bites x

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inspired Kate

Late last year I started a photography series I called 'Things I want my daughter to know'. So as you do I started another blog to be the home of my photography ideas. It is called Inspired Kate and I would love it if you popped in for a visit and let me know what you think x
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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, new photos....

It's a new year and I am wee my pants excited about 2011 - so many ideas, my camera is back and the world is full of possiblities.  Here is a couple of my new photos until later.......x