Monday, June 6, 2011

Can you help a mother out?

My friend Nicole of Ellabella prints fame is running an auction on facebook on Friday June 24th from 12 noon.  The proceeds from the auction go to the lady in the picture, her name is Jen, she is a friend of Nicole's.

Jen has been diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer and as it stands has a 5% survival rate.  There is treatment that could improve her odds and quality of life and that is what Nicole would like to raise money for.  Jen also has a little boy and like any mum would like to be around as long as possible to see him do all the things that little boys do!

So how can you help a mother out?

* Come over to Ellabella Prints facebook page and click like then you can check out all the fab offers  and products that are coming in thick and  fast for the auction.  Items so far include everything from notebooks to photography sessions, advertising to kids clothes.

* You could also help spread the word - facebook, blogs, twitter - auctions are best when you have to fight for it - so let everyone in.

* If you have any talents or products to donate - contact Nicole on the page.


As always, thank you for reading this , thank you if you even direct just one person to Ellabella Prints auction it would be a great help to benefit a Mum, a friend,  that really needs a bit of hope now.

* Have a look at Jen's blog Keeping My Clogs Firmly On!*