Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I found whilst creeping around....

I found this and really need to remember to pay more attention to including it in every day!

When I was a feminist, save the world, no one understnads me teenager this lady was my that stage she was on Triple J with Mikey Robbins.....I had her radio show on all the time.....she was the person who 'told me' that Kurt Cobain had she writes here

Below makes me want to educate and continue to nurture confidence in my daughter so she never stops being the force of nature she is....and it makes me want to keep her in the house away from the outside world........don't worry I will let her out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go team Julia!

Photo of new Prime Minister Julia Gillard courtesy of here

I don't think it had ever occurred to me that it would happen, which shows a little complacency on my part, but Australia now has a woman leading it. My country, my home, the place I will raise my daughter in is now run by a female. I am proud.

I know there is a question over how she was elected to power and I believe she addressed that in her maiden speech. Yes she was brought to power by male faction leaders but (as I have just found out) we never actually vote in our primeminister - the party chooses who will run and that candidate is elected in his/her seat - the Westminster system. Anyway....... she is in power. I hope and I so want to believe that she will do the right thing and if she is to believed she will endeavour to do her best by the Australian people.

I think Keven Rudd did the best he could , yes I voted for him, I hope he does stay in politics as he seems to be a compassionate, intelligent man. I also feel that we did need a change, we needed to progress and Prime Minister Gillard will do that.

I am proud to live in a country that through whatever means a woman can be in such a role of power. I am proud that I can raise my daughter in such a country.

I am really happy that I have political hope again.....