Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strange but sick (in a flu way)

I just love the idea of this house - how cool would it be as a kids cubby.

I'm sick.....I have some sort of demented monkey flu thing that makes me look like an extra from twilight (like I wasn't pale enough) and sound like a drag queen after to many Marlboro. Attractive eh?

Anyway as Murphy's law would have - I am sick and my body feels like staying in the foetal position for days on end brain has a million my blog lovelies anyone have any miraculous illness cures?

So far I'm on ginger tea and as much garlic and chili as I can handle - which surprisingly is quite a lot seeing I am unable to taste or smell. I have honey and some natural cold & flu tablets but am always open to suggestions......actually

the stranger the better...........

What is the strangest, weirdest cure for the common cold/flu thing that strikes us down at the most inconvenient of times?

Friday, February 12, 2010

A little ray of sunshine

Thank you to the lovely Kelly who you can find here for awarding my little ol' blog this award! Thank you Kelly - it is very much appreciated and I am very happy because, just like when people comment, it proves that there are people reading my blog and not just my friends making up alter egos.

I know some bloggers are in two minds about awards but I like this one - if something on my blog spreads a bit of sunshine then that's okay with me! I have to pass this on to twelve blogs who I think deserve it which is probably as close to a major trauma I have come - decisions, decisions! All of you will know how bad I am - which is why I am constantly bringing all my major decisions to bring the blog!


Taurus rising (my oracle & guide to all things green and beyond!)

Ngaachi... (beautiful photo's, tales & all with a bubba on the way!)

The Bird Bath (Guide to all things sewing, crafty & has lovely ideas of what to do with kids!)

Punky & Me Great blog & Vic is so cool & gets the best oppy buys

Flux Capacitor
Because Maggie just writes so beautifully and inspires!

Boho Photography
Denise is a stunning photographer, great mum and exceptional soul

*e* Because Emily is lovely & it makes me want to have many more babies! (& Yes the Mr flips!)

Spain Daily It makes me want to pack up and move

Happy Foody
Great family & recipes.....oh how I wish they were my neighbours

Blue Milk Because I laugh, cry & learn all from one blog

The Byron Life I love all of Megan's ideas, photos & she is a constant source of inspiration

oh...where do I day I want to be arty & cool enough to be in this blog!

I tried to pick 12 blogs that I loved that I thought spread a little sunshine and people would enjoy - realistically my list would be a million miles long. I also tried to pick blogs that were okay with having awards so that is why some others aren't on the list - check out my blog roll for some inspiring lovely blogs.

Once again thank you to the lovely Kelly - this meant a lot x

* Please by no means anyone feel obliged to pass this on.....I know it is a little 'chain email' but I just thought I would give a small 'shout out!*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it just easier this way?

This is from here
what a beautiful art project.......

Yesterday Vic wrote a post that really got me it easier to exist in an online world than it is in ' real life'? Parts of what she wrote rang true for me, I am more than happy if I'm on my own - I was like that as a kid and I'm like that now - although I am lucky in the sense I have a great group of friends that put up with my idiosyncrasies. I do like people but I can often get way too bogged down in 'doing the right thing' and sometimes just find it easier to be the madam and I.

I also didn't seem to find the solace or camaraderie in mothers group that people seem too. I did make a really good friend through it but we have stayed friends even though I left - she is lovely and is another one that understands that I don't constantly need to be around people. I love my daughter and yes she rules my world but I don't want to sit and talk about her all day! We are also not in the financial situation that seemed to be required for mothers group! If you know what I mean.

But then I was thinking that I don't really find or hear about any sort of 'social pressure' with blogging. Is it because we get to exist on our own terms? What I mean is - you guys aren't going to freak out if I don't turn up one day or if everything I own comes from the oppy. If I read a different book, try my hand at a million creative things until I find the one that fits, make a list after list and only accomplish a little I wont be thrown into the lions den of social judgement.

Is it easier to open our hearts and our lives on line because if we get a response we don't like we can hit delete?

I am not saying this is a good or a bad thing. I love being a blogger. It has forced me to come out and try new things, think about new adventures, consciously parent more than before,etc, etc and most importantly I have met a myriad of brilliant people. I am sure some of us will get to sit down over a coffee or a wine one day and some of us wont but I will always still appreciate and love how the blog world is such a collection of creative, funny, wonderful souls.

Monday, February 8, 2010



Summer is already in week eleven....

Muggy, sticky heat........thank god for mangoes.