Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tour Down Under at my place!


The madam and I ventured into our 'frontyard' this morning and went to stage 5 (I think) of The Tour Down Under which is actually pretty cool. We are locals so it is just down our street which means there is no driving in or out today so we just walked down and checked it out. We got there a bit early so the most we saw was the first part of the riders going round - apperently there were five more sightings to go.

We wandered around and it was brilliant to see our little 'village' transformed into party central. We had markets , music, giveaways and after talking with a few locals it looked like it was going to be a profitable day all round. I don't really know much about cycling and I only really know Lance Armstrong because he has dated a few famous girls and has his foundation but it was still pretty inspiring to see all the cyclists doing their thing. It is also pretty cool how most of SA digs out the lycra whenever the tour is on!

The Madam has been holding tight on an Aussie flag (the boxing kangaroo one!) because she knew she could wave it for the riders. I just didn't realise quite how many people, that weren't officially racing, would be lycra clad sweating their way around this morning. Between them and the largish police presence the madam got a little mixed up about which bike riders were meant to recieve her cheers and so gave them all an earful of 'Go Aussie bike riders! Go, GO, GO' (purely her own invention).

A good day to share with my madam x
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Friday, January 22, 2010


Someday I would love to be talented enough (which therefore means recognised enough) to be invited to this

I just read this book and it was excellent - a great life story of brotherhood, family, difficult circumstances with some highly talented fellas and a few laughs thrown in.

I think the pants on the lady on the left (the big flowy ones) are stunning - and they are Italian women so they are obviously very exotic! I love these pants, I would love to wear them, I would love not to look like a member of Playschool when I wore them.

I would love to live in this house - I think it would satisfy me morally, ethically, astetically and it would just make you wake up with a smile.

Now I think it is about wine time, don't you?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I see dead what do you do?

I have ummed and ahhed over writing this for a while. Not because I am ashamed of it but just about whether it was really meant to be part of my 'blog world' or not. Before I start just let me say I am not writing this to offend anyone, bring fire and brimstone on anyone and a totally respect that people have different views, beliefs and religions. This is just part of my day to day existence. Seeing that I seem to blogging about my day to day existence I thought I might as well add this part of my life in it as well.

About as simply as I can put it is 'I see dead people'.....ha and you just thought I took photos! I have seen them on and off my entire life but it has become part of my daily life for about the past eight years. I think I would be 'defined' as a psychic medium but I couldn't find a clear definition - but it's a little like Alison Dubois I just don't get a mission every week and no one pays me that well!

I usually use Angel cards as my tools if people want a reading. I found many people weren't comfortable with Tarot cards and Angel cards don't seem to freak them out as much. If people are really comfortable sometimes I do a reading minus my cards - especially if they have strong friends and relatives that have passed on.

I thought I should maybe mention this as a couple of times I have gone to blog about things that have happened to me that would include this part of my life and I have had to stop myself. Don't panic my head doesn't turn around in a 360 and I don't start spewing Latin out - I am just a mum who tries to balance my world and the other.

It's not something I always talk about or am consumed with but it (or they) - are as normal to me as a cup of tea and toast is. I hope this doesn't freak too many people out & I hope you keep reading.....

Grounds for divorce

My new favourite song & band's even got the madam rockin it in her fairy dress.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food glorious food..

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The Mr and I are very different when it comes to food.....he loves, loves, loves processed food. He comes from a very strict religious upbringing and growing up only had very plain food cooked for him and was not allowed take away. So at 35 I still believe he is working his way through unconsciously (because he would never admit it) rebelling against his parents. If he gets McDonald's, I swear, he is like a kid in a candy store. Since we met I have managed to cut him down to just every now and again but seriously he just loves it.

I, on the other hand, had a fairly 'worldly' upbringing and was able to experience many different foods, spices, herbs. We didn't have a lot of money but I definitely was able to experience healthy 'real' food. As I have got older, and definitely since becoming a mum, I have tried to educate myself about food and bring healthy, local, produce into our house.

When the madam started eating solids I found the secret to getting the Mr to eat different food. I just don't tell him - if I mash it, smash it, hide, put a bit of cheese, etc he just doesn't know. Not that he is silly - he is the smartest person I know - just if it doesn't taste majorly different and I gradually introduce him to things without making a big deal he doesn't really seem to notice (or at least doesn't make fuss!). He loves pepper gravy and thinks I make a pretty good one - not knowing there is flax seed all through it. He thinks my pasties rock - even though they have spinach in them. My veggie bake has peas, zucchini,etc - that of course he just never eats. So you get the idea. Getting my beloved to eat 'out of his bubble' has been much more of a challenge than the Madam - the kid who refused her veg mash unless it had garlic, onion & chili in it!

So yesterday afternoon when he took the Madam and I out to the local organic cafe I did have a little giggle. As there he is ordering a strawberry milkshake ........when it came it looked great - like a milkshake. But there he is all 5'10, tattooed, goatee and work wear pulling a face a three year old would be proud of. ' This isn't a strawberry milkshake...doesn't bloody taste like one!'he squawks ..........I was in hysterics. When I tasted it - it was great - so I explained to him - they use the same milk we do at home just they use real strawberries. That was the funniest thing I had seen for a while.


In my effort to add some sort of culinary adventure to my household I have been scoring food blogs and here are two of my new favourites Honest Fare and Happy Foody both beautiful blogs with stunning recipes that give me hope of achieving brilliant culinary status without having the Mr pulling the same face he did yesterday!

Oh and I am still trying to catch Love my Way....didn't quite work out yet!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weird things that happen in my house...


The above photos all happened in a 24 hour time frame! The Madam decided that the Mr's socks looked brilliant with her outfit and made her into 'a true 'allerina Mama' - she also decided while I was on the phone that my whisk looked much better as a flower (which is kinda cool) - last but not least my breakfast of eggs on sourdough with salmon freaked me out because it looked like it was smiling at me which was a bit funny and a lot creepy.

Is it just me or is the wierdness elsewhere?
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Love My Way

Image from here

Even though it ended a few years ago Love my way still is one of my favourite Australian series. It is brilliant! It had a stellar cast with Claudia Karvan and Asher Keddie to name but a few.

It is a great series and a while ago the Mr bought me the DVDs of all three series - which was a big deal as it is NOT one of his favourite things. I am hoping and praying to the universal beings that the Madam may do something totally out of the ordinary and have a sleep today so I can fit a little bit in.......

I don't like my chances but there is always hope.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Summer is.....

Summer water

This is part of the summer series hosted by Jodi at Che & Fidel.....pop over and check out the rest.........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

These are a few of my favourite ...links!

Just because......thanks to Kelly
I got my linking issue figured out here are a few things;

I so want to make this cake just cause it looks cool and my sister would love it!

I am so inspired by this little princess set I am starting to make one for the madam - I hope it turns out half as good.

I am humbled by this lovely blogger/artists way of helping out Haiti.

organisation rocks......I have been a member for a long time and they never cease to amaze me with their humanitarian work.

Anyway ....I'm sure I will link for a longtime - have a good night x