Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good bye twenty something!

The sun sets on my last day in my twenties. Tommorrow I will be a 30 year old mother. Many things I thought I would achieve I haven't but the one thing I never thought I would do , be a mum, I have - and I think I'm doing okay. Roll on 30.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kisses with max!

Yesterday involved kisses for the camera and max the turtle taking a stroll (hard to focus at turtle level)!mmmmm ........... I wonder what today will bring!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Markets, mother's day and monkey mayhem!

Good Morning! Well we had an interesting weekend here! Madam (my lovely 2 going on 20year old) and myself made our regular venture to the local farmers market. As you can see in the photo she is mighty independent and I believe the most used sentence this month will be 'I do it myself please!' so off we go nanna trolley in tow! I'm finding that unless we are there first thing on a Saturday it is impossible to go as it is so busy. I think that it is probably a great sign that so many people now are looking to buy locally and fresh. Seeing how much mass produced food is around now it is lovely to see so many kids getting around munching on fresh apples and homemade breads!

We did have beautiful blue sky for a bit this weekend - so we made the most of it and did some random planting of seeds. It has been leading up to full moon tonight so things have seemed a little intense but I seem to always feel that around full moon. My friend says it's a female thing but .......... who knows!

For mothers day Sunday the three of us went for breakie at the local cafe then thought we would venture down to the Zoo to check it out. We hadn't taken Madam there for a while and thought she would love it! A great big build up to get there and then it was a 2 minute trip inside. Seriously, we were in the gates just looking at the reptile house and then the staff ( who were great) ushered us out because the orangutan got past the security fence of her enclosure. What are the chances! So the zoo will have to wait for another time!

My parents came back from Melbourne yesterday so we decided to go over and see them. This of course involved hanging out with the chooks - but all good!

I turn 30 in four days - I don't know if I am 'zen' with it - or freaking because now my twenties are over? Oh post maybe!