Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just because

The madam and I combined artistic talent - may not be Picasso but it makes us happy.

Day 28: winter weather and i - tunes

Winter weather = indoor activities
John Butler Trio on itunes - kept her occupied and me laughing for ages

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Op shop Gods

The Op shop Gods were in my favour and I am so very Grateful $4.00
for all of these beautiful wooden blocks (the car was a gift) - so excited.

Boho Photography: a lazy summer picnic.

Constantly I am inspired by Denise Andrade - as a woman, a photographer and most definately as a mum - check out Boho Photography: a lazy summer picnic. Another - who I want to be when I grow up moment!

Day: 27 : Juggle Mum juggle.

With the wild weather we have been having in good ol' Adelaide I though it was a great time to try the juggling balls that I found on the Juggle! post at Majikfaerie - who is by all consensus - the inspiration for all of us wanna be hippie homeschooling mamas. Needles to say this worked a treat and the Madam and I had a great time with this blog inspired activity.
Just in case anyone was wondering I am a wanna be circus performer with absolutely no coordination,juggling or performance ability! I think that is what keeps my daughter entertained more than anything!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vibes, Karma & a bit of breakie

A few posts ago I asked about whether you thought people were just good or bad - or was there an in between (and a few other questions). I asked because there has been a fair few changes in our life recently and it means I will be spending some more time with a few people I .......... well to be honest would rather not. Previously I have found them to be of negative energy and they just seem to upset the 'vibe' (and it's all about the vibe).
I think (and I am leaving this all subject to change!) that the way I am looking at it at the moment is that there is no black and white - there is a rainbow of moods, attitudes, vibes, characters, etc. People chose the way they act and conduct themselves but this is often based on knowledge and experience or lack there of. So if said people are exposed to more positive and compassionate knowledge and experiences it will, in turn, have a more positive and compassionate affect on them. I feel that I need to hold my own judgement (which is really a little bit based on fear of being judged by them) back and see if it can all work.
These people are connected to the Mr so as part of being in a relationship is compromise and this means a lot to him I think this is the way I am going to work it. It is just a situation I think I needed to 'game plan' in a way - I don't know if this makes sense!
He (and said people!) grew up in a very religious, enclosed environment and I often think that this has a lot to do with the way they act, talk and relate to each other. I know with the Mr it has certainly taken a lot to get through many (and there are still more to come) barriers that his upbringing created.
On the karma track, I have come to the conclusion (also subject to change) that I am a believer in karma in a way - I believe that good attracts good and that if you have a good and positive heart in all you do it will 'rub off' (lost words at the the moment) on those around you and life in general. I don't know if that constitutes as karma but I'm working on it.
Okay next question - favourite week day breakfast? Not quite as deep but I'm looking for something different.
List is still coming - I have to narrow down things x

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 22 & 23 : Family fun day & Karma

I am cheating a bit and combining the weekend ' A photo a day" photos. The Mr and his family planned a get together - it was at his Aunty's beach house - which is a place a love! She is an artist and a very spiritual person and although she couldn't actually make it for this day she was kind enough to let us all be there.
The madam and I had a lovely time looking at all the art work, peace flags, statues, etc. I really hope she inherits some this artistic blood.
I haven't forgotten the 'karma' question I asked a little while ago - and thank you for your replies! The Mr is lovely but not brilliant at fielding my 'deeper' questions so it is great for me to be able to go to my lovely fellow bloggers! I am still kinda working on it.