Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do I stop or do I keep going?

Hello lovelies, I am sorry for being away so long...apparently I own a lot of crap that takes a long time to unpack.

Now for a know how I love my questions.....

I have just found out that a member of the mr's family has given a former family member (who i am not friends with) 'online directions ' to my blog and Twitter . It seems as though both have been 'stalking' my blog and Twitter and then repeating everything I have written....the good, bad and the ugly.

Now I know I am leaving myself wide open by having a blog and Twitter and I know if I didn't want people to know it I shouldn't have written it ...but.... Apart from a betrayal of supposed friendship/family I am really a bit pissed that they are repeating word for word everything I type! I am usually careful about who I share my blog/Twitter with and I know it's open and online but it's just a pain when the wrong person finds it.

So what do I do I scrap my blog and Twitter ? Or do I say a big FUCK YOU to both of those people and keep on going?