Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love her




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For a long time I wasn't a real believer in 'energy' - you know the kind where people say 'Oh she has a lovely energy about her' or 'Oh our energy is dark at the moment but we are working on it' - with all my 'I see dead people' and spirituality I just didn't get it. I don't think I am a black and white person but I can tend to just say ' it is what it is ' so instead of seeing that someone has a good energy to me it would just seem like the luck of the draw she was a nice person.

I think at the moment I am starting to really see what 'energy' means and what people are talking about with it. Some beautiful people that came into our life last year always talk of their energy and that of their kids - late last year I did a reading for the wife and when I finished we were just chatting. The one thing she said that stuck in my head is that she felt 2010 would be a big year for all of us and we (the Mr, madam & I) had to redirect the all consuming energies around us and we will find our own path.

I have played that conversation over and over in my head - I don't know why bit it did just stick with me. When I woke up this morning I realised it's friend was right. We have , unknowingly, been redirecting (not discarding) the energies around us that maybe we spent to much our life being consumed by and learning to be surrounded by positive , self sufficient ones. I guess the way I'm looking at it (and I could be wrong) is that every person is and/or has an energy and every situation is a collective energy. When you think of all that 'real life' involves times that by ten (to account for my people from 'the other side') and there is a fair amount of different energies around us.

I think we, as individuals and as a family, are really starting to work with what we have and are following our own path..........

Isn't it funny how sometimes the most profound thing is the most innocently said.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer is.....

Making faces with oranges......the madam didn't like oranges for such a long time and now we go through almost a kilo a week.

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