Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why do I never learn!

(I think madam was about six months here..... along long time ago)

I have been sitting here since 5am (our actual rising time is 4:40am for the Mr to go to work!) watching madam play with the cardboard box the TV the Mr bought for him self came in - I think that made sense! Anyway she is in the TV Box. Now in this day and age of consumerism and mass marketing I have tried to keep life simple - to limit, if I can't totally get rid of, landfill plastic toys - to buy consciously, etc, etc. The madam actually spends 90% of her time outside so it's worked out ok but I still have a daughter with a fair amount of 'stuff'. My point being ..... yes I get there eventually.......when will I learn that the cardboard box is just so much more versatile and entertaining than anything else! (and much more budget friendly!)

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