Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I can, I think I can......


Why does common sense more often than not mean not doing something? I have come up with a few ideas over the last few weeks and basically talked myself out of them with rousing round of common sense.
I can't do it because...... I shouldn't do it because.......Everyone will think I'm insane because.......

I know I have to be more 'sensible' (bloody hell) now that I'm 30 and have a miniature person to look after but I did not realise until this morning that being a 'grown up' and having a healthy dose of 'common sense' was making me a bit (in the words of the legendary Billy Connelly) beige.

I'm not being totally self deprecating - I assure you (and myself) I still have a healthy dose of lunacy within. It may be covered with a bit of sav blanc and reading far to many How to .. books but it's there!

I think I have just figured out though when it comes to making fairly hefty decisions whereas before I would be the one in the front seat driving without a map - now I am looking for a taxi and a GPS.


Screw the map, the GPS and the beige safari suit (great mental image huh!) I'm going to take the front seat in all my rainbow brite glory!

I do it