Monday, October 26, 2009

My place and yours......bedside


This is my bedside table - it is as follows -
* a photo of the Mr and the Madam the night we brought her home her jumpsuit at 00000 was the smallest thing we had and it was to big and the only place she would
settle was on his chest.
* a lamp I love to read by and the Mr loves to tell me to turn off.
* an alarm clock I should use but I don't - my phone does that job.
* a notebook and pen for my million dollar ideas at 3am.
* paw paw cream - nectar of the gods
* the latest Frankie Magazine....every girl should have one.

I showed you mine now what is on your bedside? Play along with us all via
Hello! It's Meet Me At Mikes! . Thank you to pottymouthmama for this week's theme!

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