Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puppy question

Hello all my blog lovelies! I have a question (cause I love them!) We are looking at getting another family member - of the furry, four legs, tail, variety! We would ideally like a pup only so it can grow up with the madam and as I am home with her till school happens we thought it might be a good time. Just wondering what breeds anyone else has ? How do they go with kids? You know all the usual 'I'm getting a dog and can't make up my mind questions!'. We would ideally like a rescued pup but in lieu of that are going to buy one.

Your wealth of wisdom is much appreciated xx


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Some other things to think about, taking it for walks, long haired vs shorthaired, puppy training. We have had 2 dobermanns, really lovely dogs but do require a lot of exercise and a fair bit of training. Larger dogs take longer to grow up so destruction stage will last longer with them. Never leave a puppy/dog unsupervised with a child. I have recently been looking at the Greyhound Adoption Programme, and although they are older dogs, they come to you well trained, have a look at their website : http://www.gapsa.org.au/
and remember there are no bad dogs only bad owners. Sorry to rant on for so long, but this is a subject I feel quite strongly about.

Kelly said...

greyhounds/whippets are gorgeous dog. but have a tendency to run! id recommend you take one of the online dog quizzes which match up all your lifestyle components with a dog. a really good . i totally agree with pip. just incompatibledogs/owners.

Maggie May said...

we have three kids and love our golden retriever. such a perfect doggie for our family. we also have a mix, part Husky, German Shepard, and ? that we don't know but he is also wonderful. I know someone who has German Shepards and they have been wonderful dogs for their kids.
I grew up with Shetland Sheepdogs and they are marvelous too.