Friday, January 29, 2010

Ask the professionals....anyone?

Hello lovelies! Well I thought it was a while since I posed a life altering question so when better than a Friday night!

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with Montessori education? As you know the Madam is three and an energetic, inquisitive bundle of three she is. We have a local Montessori school that a few kids from playgroup go too and it sounds like it may be beneficial in keeping her stimulated. I am also hoping to find a way of her being a bit more 'social' with other kids as she prefers adults most of the time - I am thinking that's an only child thing?

Anyway any advice, as always, will be much appreciated xx


Kristi said...

My son was the same way, attracted to adults not children. I was told by a very wise women, that he was probably attracted to the calm energy of adults. Anyway he grew out of it recently at 4 1/2. He has also attended a Montessori School since he was 3. It is super beneficial for him when the older children teach him his lessons. Love Montessori.

Kelly said...

both my girls did montessori pre school and now my 11 yr old is in her last year at montessori primary school here in the hills. i love her primary but wsnt so impressed with her pre school (B1's was good) i think it depends on the director alot. B2s was very uptight and anal (it was at walford afterall!) so she hated her pre school! go for it. montessori appraoch is very onidered and child centric. well worth it.