Friday, January 1, 2010

The list....oh the list!

I am a list maker, resolution maker as well as....and here is the irony.....a compulsive justifier of why I didn't cross off the items on my list or make good on my resolutions. So to fix my little red wagon this year I am going to begin this new decade with the first of many lists....I am calling this my challenge list....I am challenging myself to the following.....

* To live in the moment and stop be

* To work everyday to parent try and remember that the madam is just a small person trying to experience the world and I am the guide (sometimes!)

* To stop justifying why I (or we) do or do not do particular things, live particular ways.......if I am am happy and we are happy then it is all good.

* Follow and create my dreams and ambitions and stop talking about it.

* Say yes more than I say no.

* To be a more committed and present partner, mother, daughter, sister, friend, community member.

* To be more committed to my community and environment both locally and globally.

* Laugh everyday.

* Blog both keep my creativity flowing and embrace the magical people I meet and am inspired by in 'blog world')

* Be healthy - physically, spiritually, mentally - as a whole being.

Oh there are so many more things I could list but I will save that for another day - I am working on some aromatherapy, a photo project and a magazine submission ( I will be published one day!) I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I would love to hear if anyone has some resolutions or challenges xxxx


Vic said...

What a fantastic list of challenges! I love it!

So many of the things you mention I would like to work on too... so I'll just sit back & let you inspire me, shall I?! ;) Oh... that's not how it's supposed to work is it...?

I'll see what I can do.

Umatji said...

Great list - mine would look similar - I am going ot go big on the parenting this year and oh yes all of it hey - so many things - I really identify iwht your list, justification cycle - I live and love it! Hope the year opens beautifully for you - good luck iwth the mag....