Friday, February 19, 2010

My love...that doesn't match my capabilities

The Mr thinks it's hilarious, my friends don't understand and I completely blame my parents.......just cause I can! I am thirty years old, totally uncoordinated and I love surfing films - I don't know if it's the story of going against the norms of society, their abilities, the tribalism of it all (but yes the buff boys do help the movie along!) But I do love surfing films despite the fact I can't nor do I ever expect to develop the ability to do it.

My parents did surf when they were younger and a bit when I was a kid so that's why I blame them for my bizarre obsession. I think it qualifies as an obsession...... as much as I don't sit there 24/7 watching them if I find a good one I google it, find the book, etc, etc. The Mr thinks its funny as being the black & white love that he is he doesn't quite get why I am so interested in something I don't/won't do, my friends think it's funny because usually I'm all about 'the left/independent/art/foreign film.

Anyway my top surfing films (at the moment) would be.......

Riding Giants


Bra Boys: Blood is thicker than water

I think they, and many more, are all phenomenal films....The footage, stories, the ability each film has to take me into a world I am 99% sure (unless I have some freak accident that leaves me with total coordination) I will never enter.......

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Umatji said...

yep you're right - that sounds odd! But I must admit I love a characteristic out of left field so gof or it I say!