Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big, Green.......

I am reading a book at the moment called The Possibility of Everything by Hope Edelman. It is fantastic (more on that later) but one of the best lines in it is something like ' this situation sucks big, green, donkey dicks'. I love that line because at the moment it sums up my life. Right now my life sucks big, green, donkey dicks!

I try to be positive, look on the bright side, 'I'm alright' is my mantra. But the fact is it all sucks right about now. I have a sick chick AGAIN seriously since when do kids have so many bloody colds! If I had known she was going to get this sick I would have put her in a bubble when she was born. Which of course means I am sick AGAIN - YAY! It is hard enough being sick let alone with a sick chick - I can't curl up in the foetal position like I want to.

I also have a very clingy girl - I don't know why, what. when , where or how. But basically I can't breathe without hearing the word 'MUM' and as much as I love her now that has extended to night hours as well I am about to pull my hair out. She wont even stay with the Mr so I can go and get things done.

Add this to desperately trying to make ends meet (why the f&*%k don't they!) and I am pretty much at the end of my rope. Yes our lack of financial stability is the reason for the sudden ads on my blog! The Mr has started another business which isn't exactly pulling millions so now I have to figure somethings out. I am looking for work but I have to fit that around the Madam - I have my own business plan but of course you need financial back up for that!

Just for the mix add in a Mr that doesn't want to talk about anything, every man and his dog commenting on my parenting, the madams physical appearance and I am suddenly looking at that half a bottle of gin in the cupboard as a breakfast meal.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings flowers, sunshine and all things lovely cause today 'sucks big, green donkey dicks!'


alliecat said...

Oh, no fun, sick child and sick you, makes it that much harder to get through the day. Hope tomorrow is better, with less big green, well, you know whats!

Justine said...

Hi...............I have stumbled across your blog...ummm not sure now how maybe via Blogthis??? but I love your honesty and its kinda reassuring knowing that someone feels the same. I am sorry your having a bad run - maybe its something in Adelaide's water as we have been struck with the never ending sick bug too. We all have had anything from flu/tonsillitis/pharyngitis over the last 5 weeks and I too have HAD ENOUGH!! And my daughter has turned into glad wrap as well! Plus we struggle with finances too so I feel that 'juggling' pain. I have a blog so feel free to have a read as you might relate. Keep up the honesty as it makes us all feel human I think ..... cheers Justine : )