Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just saying hello

Well it is 11:15pm and I am not quite sure what to do - so when in doubt blog....I guess. It's been one of those weeks where I have wanted so desperately to get on here and write effortlessly some wonderfully witty account of what appears to be my seemingly dysfunctional existence but I couldn't quite find the words. I have wanted to share all the pictures, links and inspirations I have found but didn't quite get there. So here I am closing in on midnight just saying hello.

It looks like the Mr and the Madam have both contracted another 'monkey cold thing' so she is asleep on the lounge whilst I sit vigil at the table typing with endless tea in hand. He is asleep, I am assuming quite happily spread out, without me in bed after working another seven day week. We had a wicked (if I do say so myself) dinner with my friend who moved closer to us a few weeks ago....sometimes grown up conversation over dinner (and wine) about vagina's and the merits of animation (flashy word for another f*&^en cartoon movie) versus drama (flashy for crap tv with characters with great shoes) is just what the doctor ordered.

Other happenings this week have been as follows:

* I am still working on my own business idea. Apparently the 3am ideas I come up with are a little difficult to translate but I'm getting there.

* Finding a job that will allow me to work only when the Madam is at school is a lot more difficult than I thought. I actually called a brothel/escort agency the other day who were advertising for a receptionist. The shifts weren't going to work but it was actually the best conversation I have had with a prospective employer - and the most enlightening one I have had in ages!

* I realised I suck at twitter so instead of trying to converse I will just continue to write random things that occur and hope it makes sense to someone in the universe.

* I have also come to the realisation that I think I need to list/chart everything - I am not a good non list/chart person - I am just disorganised.

* I must be grinding my teeth when I sleep - bloody hurts!

* I realised that instead of freaking out about why the Mr and I are not married the things I actually like is that we are engaged. He asked me to spend my life with him - I said yes. He wakes up next to me, comes home to me and I am still here because we totally just want to be. I know a lot of married people are wonderfully in love but let me have this!

* In case you were wondering, which I am sure your not, but I am sitting vigil at the Madams bedside because when she is ill she sleeps in our lounge (a comfort thing and maybe a warmth thing) and she sleep talks , moves and is a restless sleeper. So it is a little easier to be in the room with her than getting up all the time to check on her.

I don't know what this new week will bring but hopefully a little mayhem and maybe a few laughs would be nice...... have a good one x


Ellieboo said...

Hope Madam is feeling better soon. I am hoping you elaborate on the brothel interview - sounds very interesting.

Maggie May said...

i was a horrible Twitter-er too :) I quit! keep at your business ideas, you can do it!