Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things we have done.....


Making Pancakes

Making lawn castles (it's a country kid thing!)

Wine (for me!)

Staying out of the rain

Hope your all dry & warm x
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Vic said...

Lawn castles!

Oh... wine... I remember that stuff... :(

rachel awes said...

this is a GORGEOUS collage, katy!
(& i've TOUCHED that butter couch in the post below!).
all so good in this place of yours.

Amber said...

Yep looks great.
Such beautiful riCh ways to spend these lovely

Lucia said...

Sounds lovely. I love seeing pics of your beautiful little girl. She reminds me of mine, except mine is younger, so seeing yours makes me excited for the future as well as grateful for the now!

kelly ann said...

she is the cutest little thing ever!

Maggie May said...

i've never heard of a lawn castle!