Monday, October 25, 2010

Two very cool people and a water tank photo

There are numerous things I learn from people around me.  My friends, family, random people I come across.....they teach me about life (good and bad), parenting, friendship, existing, etc.  Blogging has become a whole other community for me and it has taught me SO MUCH.  I started this blog really because the Mr isn't really into d&m (deep and meaningful) conversation and  a chance to work on my photography (cause he was getting a bit sick of that too!) but it has taught me a MASSIVE amount of things.  I now try a huge amount of food, cooking, drinks that I otherwise would not have known about, I learnt about Montessori schools thus Miss almost 4 goes to one, crafting, photography, art, politics, etc.  It still amazes me what you all teach me everyday. 

What I'm getting at is I have more links.....see your excited about that aren't you........

A little bit of lana  Is a blog by an Aussie mum who started this wonderful company called Aromaplay which has non- toxic, gluten free, wonderfully natural play dough. Which the madam is getting for Christmas. She also has children with food sensitivities and is a passionate advocate for awareness of food issues with kids and is a wellness warrior.  Lana is one inspiring lady, I came across her via a face book friend, so if you have a second please jump over and check her out.

Taurus Rising is Kelly's blog.  I can't remember what her day job is - I think it is quite fancy with lots of big words - but she is the ultimate in green.  I think Kelly was actually the first person to ever follow my blog (and I will always be grateful !)so I have read about her for a long time.  She has three kids and wonderful husband and she can use every single part of everything for something! What she does with a duck is incredible.  She also has a business called the ethicurean which is reusable and recycled fruit & veg bags.  They are brilliant - I actually have a tote bag and a veg bag and the tote is used for most of my shopping (I live in a market/co - op kinda town) and actually doubles as a brilliant handbag - especially when you carry enough stuff around to survive a nuclear attack like I do.

These are just two of the great Aussie mums I have come across whilst blogging and there are so many more out there - if you get a chance have a click over and see what they are about.  I would love to hear what discoveries, inspiring people, interesting things you have all found in the blogosphere......

*Neither of these people asked me to write this nor even know about the post yet so it is not a paid advertisement*

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D you still want to join corner view? I am helping while Jane is away.