Monday, November 15, 2010

Animal Kingdom

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The  Mr has gone back to work and the madam and I have had a bit of a slack/inside day today.  Even though I had a lot of stop starts and a few interruptions I have managed to watch Animal Kingdom.  It is brilliant - if you haven't seen it - get it!

I absolutely adore anything Australian but I know just because it is Australian doesn't mean it will be great but this is.  Set in Melbourne it is the story of a teenage boy who's mum dies so he has to go live with his Grandma and Uncles.  They are involved in a variety of criminal activity so it makes for an interesting lifestyle when you combine that with a city of corrupt police. 

The cast include Ben Mendelsohn who I adore.  I have seen all of his movies and he never fails to amaze me.  He can play a complete asshole and you still want to like him.  Sullivan Stapleton is also in this film and as always is fantastic as well as being so nice to look at!

But the stand out has to be Jacki Weaver  who shows just how hard it is sometimes to be a mum and how , as a mum, you'll do anything to protect your kids.  She completely blew me away.

Anyway, it is out on DVD, so grab a copy or I'll lend you mine but it is a great (grown up) movie - you wont be sorry.  If you do see it I would love to know what you think!

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life in a pink fibro said...

I saw this at the movies earlier this year when it came out and also thought it was great. No matter what, family rules, doesn't it?