Monday, December 6, 2010

My list.........cause I've been naughty

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I don't know why but for some reason lately the words aren't flowing - I can think it I just can't put it on the screen.  Apparently the photo's aren't flowing either as my beloved Nikon died so now I'm looking for a repair man .  But I have constantly been reading every one's blogs and as always am inspired by all that is around me in blogworld......

So instead of writing, as such , I thought I'd list some things that have happened.....

* The Mr is still away for work and comes home on a fortnightly basis - so while his away I have been trying to catch up with some friends! (Maybe he needs a few more jobs away so I can maintain my social life hahaha)

* Summer has hit Adelaide....and yes as much as I am trying I am on the verge of whingeing about the heat....but I am enjoying the balmy (tropical for Adelaide) mornings...and mangoes...there is always mangoes.

* Ruby Gloom is soooooooo my favourite kids program, when I grow up I want to be just like her!

* The madam is almost finished Montessori school for the year....I think I will cry it has been such a beautiful inclusion in her (and my ) life!

* I am finding I know who my wonderful friends are and they are brilliant people - whether we can sit and have a wine or can only twitter/email due to distance you rock!

* I am over unethical psychics/medium/clairvoyant wannabes freaking people out for self serving purposes.  You have a gift to share NOT to scare the crap out of people for your own purposes. (I am a medium so I can say this with experience).

* We are moving in the New Year.  Only 20 minutes away.  But I love moving and new beginnings....I am so excited....we will be in an old cottage that we will redo vintage style.(any ideas let me know!)

* Mangoes .... did I mention them?I love them.

* I love that Kathleen Hanna was/is such a great feminist role model, even years after I discovered her in highschool.  I hope the madam is as inspired by great women like her.

* Green smoothies in the thing for breakfast.

Maybe this will keep the flow going.........

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