Thursday, January 13, 2011

What we can do....

As most of you will know there are many Australians in pretty dire need of some assistance at the moment.  Queensland has been hit with the biggest floods I hope I will ever see in my lifetime.  Approximately 75% of Queensland is flood ravaged.  Anyway... I am sure you have all heard the news and seen the photos so I just thought I would put up some links if you would like to help.

If you are in South Australia have a look here The Queensland Toy Appeal has been launched and it's a great idea to help out so many children who now have lost not only what they had but also what they probably just received for Christmas.

If you are one of those fabulously talented crafty people please go and check out Handmade Help.  You can donate things that you have made or , if your not so crafty like me, purchase something made me

As always if you need more information or would like to donate go to The Australian Red Cross

This clean up will take a long time but this is not a state problem - it is a natural disaster that requires a human solution.  I have donated, am packing up toys as we speak and am looking to purchase from Handmade Help so I promise I am trying to do my bit as well.

In other news......

A few days ago I posted about a fellow blogger Lori from Random Ramblings Of a Stay At Home Mum.  Just to up date....Lori's husband Tony did pass away after being in ICU for a few days.  You can read what she so bravely wrote here.  If you would like to read more or to donate pop into Wanderlust....the linky to donate is there as well as the link to light a candle.

Lori will now be raising her two children so I'm sure any financial assistance or even a comment sending some good vibes her way will be appreciated.

Thank you xxx Stay safe xx

** Tommorrrow Lori must say goodbye to her husband so there is a virtual moment of silence if you would like to pay your respects - on twitter the hashtag is #lovetolori - so no blog tommorrow - read here for the lovely post about it x

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Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

Great summary of links Katy. Thank you for going to effort to put it all in one place.