Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do I stop or do I keep going?

Hello lovelies, I am sorry for being away so long...apparently I own a lot of crap that takes a long time to unpack.

Now for a know how I love my questions.....

I have just found out that a member of the mr's family has given a former family member (who i am not friends with) 'online directions ' to my blog and Twitter . It seems as though both have been 'stalking' my blog and Twitter and then repeating everything I have written....the good, bad and the ugly.

Now I know I am leaving myself wide open by having a blog and Twitter and I know if I didn't want people to know it I shouldn't have written it ...but.... Apart from a betrayal of supposed friendship/family I am really a bit pissed that they are repeating word for word everything I type! I am usually careful about who I share my blog/Twitter with and I know it's open and online but it's just a pain when the wrong person finds it.

So what do I do I scrap my blog and Twitter ? Or do I say a big FUCK YOU to both of those people and keep on going?


Ellieboo said...

I do so hope you say a whopping Fuck off to them

In theory who gives a sod about what others think but in reality I know things are not that simple. I am like you and I have not told most people I know about my blog because like everyone I have baggage and I want to leave that out of my blog.

They sound like some really sad losers who obviously dont have a life of their own - dont let them win.

Kelly said...

well yo know that my ex 'stalks' my blog and sometimes uses it against my kids...i refused to stop blogging, but it did make me more 'careful' about what i posted- for the kids sake-. In this case i say, 'fuck 'em', never read anything on here to make me go "ohh ahh" so really, they got nothin', except possibly some insight! It may affect your ability to be truly candid however, that was the effect for me.
ps. Curious. where are they repeating your stuff??

Jessica said...

You can quite easily say a big FU to them and keep this private...simply making it an invite only blog...if you post that your going to do it then people can let you know they want to read and you can send them an invite.
How sad that people have to follow/stalk you for their own amusement:(
However you never write anything bad on here anyway.
Perhaps they need a good hobby?

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt - Fuck you!

Kellyansapansa said...

I vote FU too!

Maxabella said...

Clearly they have no life of their own? x

Anonymous said...'s a great big FUCK YOU vote from me too.
I have someone reading my blog who I can't stand and have nothing to do with because she is poison - and it really shits me she has found my blog BUT by ditching the blog & twitter - you GIVE THEM THE POWER.
I hope they read this post you've done and get the message. Or perhaps you should start referencing them hahahaha - see how they like it xoxo