Monday, March 21, 2011

This week......I will do a minute

This week, this week I intend to......fark how many times do I say that! The only thing worse than being a procrastinator is being a disorganised procrastinator.....but I will get there in the end!!  I was inspired to write this by the wonderful Vic who has a link up here.

My fabulous intentions for this week are:

1. Write the post to join in with Vic's linky this morning afternoon evening.

2. Cook 40 Portuguese custard tarts and get Madam to have a basic understanding of Harmony Day that doesn't involve me getting a phonecall from kindy about her unusual interpretation of said harmony day.

3.  Attempt to find outfits for a cocktail hens night and a formal wedding - I may have to have wine involved in this.

4.  Organise the play room.

5.  Hand out my new business cards ( I have decided to do medium/angel card readings from home) and hope that someone calls!

6.  Go on an op shop expedition with my friend....I'm on the hunt for a 'vintage' doll house.

7.  Work on plans for our house, garden, life, etc.

8.  Get the guts up to make an email submission to show some of my photos in a local art gallery show.

9.  Get rid of the mouse that just moved in.

10.  Get ready for the new puppy that arrives Saturday morning.....a 7 week old American Bulldog we will call George.

So what are you up to this week? Come over to Vic's place and join in.....

This is my soundtrack now.....


Ellieboo said...

No time for procrastinating with a list like that - you go girl

Vic said...

Whoa - stand back, busy week in action, RIGHT NOW!

Here is hoping you get a whole lot (all?!) of those crossed off this week, thanks for playing Sweets. :)