Monday, May 30, 2011

Adding a little bit of happy...

I read Danielle's blog Sometimes Sweet ALOT! She is such an inspiring lady - who turned me into a quinoa lover.  One of my favourite things about her blog are the guests she has.  I have found so many fantastic, unique blogs all through these guests.  Today (or yesterday depending on time zones) the guest is Lauren from Busy Bee who has a bit of a link up going with the topic being .....what are you going to do this week to add to the quality of your life?

I thought it was such a great list of goals to make.  So instead of writing another shopping list, bills to be paid list, cleaning to do list I thought I would do this......

Three things to add to the quality of my life this week!

1.  I will not put myself in the position of being with people that share their negative energy and bitch all the time.  If it means not answering the phone and declining a few invites I am just hoping that positive breeds positive.

2.  I will take more photos......intentionally not just photos of the Madam but actual photos of beautiful things I see.  Photo's to blog about.  Hopefully I get my holga lens this week which would help with this.

3.  Laugh....laugh as much as possible.  Every time I feel the tears coming, the anger welling or the frustration spilling I will laugh.

What are you doing this week to add a little bit of happy?

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jodi said...

I find that taking photos, especially around my home, allows me to be more grateful for the little things in my a cup of tea in a beautiful mug. Hope your week is brimming with goodness x