Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 22 & 23 : Family fun day & Karma

I am cheating a bit and combining the weekend ' A photo a day" photos. The Mr and his family planned a get together - it was at his Aunty's beach house - which is a place a love! She is an artist and a very spiritual person and although she couldn't actually make it for this day she was kind enough to let us all be there.
The madam and I had a lovely time looking at all the art work, peace flags, statues, etc. I really hope she inherits some this artistic blood.
I haven't forgotten the 'karma' question I asked a little while ago - and thank you for your replies! The Mr is lovely but not brilliant at fielding my 'deeper' questions so it is great for me to be able to go to my lovely fellow bloggers! I am still kinda working on it.

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