Monday, August 24, 2009

Vibes, Karma & a bit of breakie

A few posts ago I asked about whether you thought people were just good or bad - or was there an in between (and a few other questions). I asked because there has been a fair few changes in our life recently and it means I will be spending some more time with a few people I .......... well to be honest would rather not. Previously I have found them to be of negative energy and they just seem to upset the 'vibe' (and it's all about the vibe).
I think (and I am leaving this all subject to change!) that the way I am looking at it at the moment is that there is no black and white - there is a rainbow of moods, attitudes, vibes, characters, etc. People chose the way they act and conduct themselves but this is often based on knowledge and experience or lack there of. So if said people are exposed to more positive and compassionate knowledge and experiences it will, in turn, have a more positive and compassionate affect on them. I feel that I need to hold my own judgement (which is really a little bit based on fear of being judged by them) back and see if it can all work.
These people are connected to the Mr so as part of being in a relationship is compromise and this means a lot to him I think this is the way I am going to work it. It is just a situation I think I needed to 'game plan' in a way - I don't know if this makes sense!
He (and said people!) grew up in a very religious, enclosed environment and I often think that this has a lot to do with the way they act, talk and relate to each other. I know with the Mr it has certainly taken a lot to get through many (and there are still more to come) barriers that his upbringing created.
On the karma track, I have come to the conclusion (also subject to change) that I am a believer in karma in a way - I believe that good attracts good and that if you have a good and positive heart in all you do it will 'rub off' (lost words at the the moment) on those around you and life in general. I don't know if that constitutes as karma but I'm working on it.
Okay next question - favourite week day breakfast? Not quite as deep but I'm looking for something different.
List is still coming - I have to narrow down things x


Katrine said...

that sounds like a good outlook to take into the situation.

i had an almond croissant for breakfast this morning which was lovely... but my favourite normal weekday breakfasts are muesli and grated apple with yoghurt and milk
sliced banana and yoghurt sprinkled with either nuts & cacao nibs or toasted muesli
smoothies! yoghurt, milk and fruit.

i almost always have yoghurt and flax seed oil in my breakfasts becasue apparently the yoghurt helps to absorbd the omega 3's, and who doesn't want extra brain food :)

Tracy said...

Hi there! I found this post to be so thought have found a good place to stand it seems. I think we all struggle with this from time to time. I think so long as the ratio is tipped to the positive, you can spread your vibe around to those in need of a new only request once I delve in, is there is never permission to judge. I find I am willing to be in the company of othes who are struggling with life...that are negative and edgey and rough around the edges...but judgement is something I simply can't accept from others. The rest I can deal with in proper balanced doses...and find I feel good if I am able to spread my good humour or upbeat outlook...and have likely gained so much in that karmic exchange! Good luck with your travels in this...

So breakfast...mostly I can't eat gluten which is found in most bread and cereals...- so for me a typical breakfast is rice crackers with a healthy smothering of natural cashew butter and a mug of tea with cream and honey. So yummy, but maybe not what I would have if I could have toasted raisin bread and butter!!! Or what anyone else might find remotely delicious. In addition, I take a slew of supplements which strangely gives me a peaceful feeling for the day....knowing I go into the day somewhat prepared to give 'er...feels pretty good. This is what post 35 has brought me! I am truly loving it...