Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happiness is as Happiness does

(Via Museum of Happiness)

Gustafson Porter created this balloon canopy for the Venice Architectural Biennale, using just helium balloons and shade cloths. Wouldn't it be beautiful for a dinner party or a wedding? As long as there was beautiful weather!

Somehow I need to fit 48 hours into one day..... I am working on it .... the words haven't been coming for me - I think it might be because I'm starting to do some realigning and reinventing - now the madam is a bit older and needs a fair amount of stimulation ( which of course must fit all parental criteria that I guilt myself into) and I am wanting to pursue a few more of my loves, ideas and passions ( apart from obviously the madam and the Mr) I am working out how to fit it all our home, my mind, my physical being.... as usual it is a work in progress but I am feeling very positive about it all.

I have read the latest post from Maggie at Flux Capacitor - as always she can write the words I wish I could - a beautiful example of relationships.

I am going to try and make this wise woman deodorant from the ever amazing multitasker extraordinaire Kel at taurus rising ... and I am thinking about trying to do one of her duck looks so yummy but I think I have Daffy issues.

I have lots of blog reading to catch up on, a course application to fill out, recipes and a pantry (see Dad) to organise but most of all I am just really grateful for the whole lot... I am a very lucky girl! ( and yes I can still be a girl at 30)

(* for some reason my links aren't working all the time I will try and figure it out asap)

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Kelly said...

blushing- Im surprised I dont get more stressed. Think its all the lovin'! lol good luck with it all! ping me if you have a question.