Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogtoberfest 20: The birth of the conscious mama

Well.... I did survive the bathroom fall to go on and achieve many more uncoordinated antics so nothing can keep me down long! I have kind of been fence sitting on a few things lately and think I have come to a few decisions (but as always will probably change my mind). I was thinking about going back to study next year - which I love - I am a geek and proud! When I was trying to work out how life would work with my choice of study (which of course had copious amounts of clinical and field work) it just wasn't going to mesh so study - well uni anyway - is off the to do list until next year.

It is funny how much things change when you have a child. I was always a bit of a 'left wing greenie' , for lack of a better word, but it's funny how much more genuinely concerned for the entire well being of the world you become. I think now the madam is getting old (she turns 3 next week) it's all really freaking me out.
I want to bring into a peaceful healthy world a peaceful, healthy constructive member of society.

I am trying to form a political opinion on as much as I can, eat locally, reduce food waste, recycle, op shop, teach good values and morals...........and yes I am an atrociously compulsive list maker! Whilst doing all of this I am trying to make sure each day has a little bit of 'zen' where I am present for each thing I do, I am present when being with my girl or the Mr, I slow down to take in life.

As completely insane as it all sounds I am starting to feel like I am getting there - slowly but these changes in life are starting to work. I have managed to avoid a 'big name' supermarket for almost a month ad just get our food through online shopping - which brings fresh local and organic produce and combine that with my local markets and shops so that part I feel I'm an getting there. Food is a big thing for us as we often entertain and I love to cook and eat very different things so by shopping this way I find I am getting better quality and actually saving money. Things like impulse buys are much, much less and I am much more conscious of what , when and how we eat.

One part of blogging that I am very in awe of and grateful for are the many men, women, parents, people, etc that never cease to suprise and inspire me. I am not a girl that fit really well into mothers group and I have a wide variety of friends from all different walks of life - so more often than not when ideas, advice or just a little inspiration is needed away from my 'day to day life' it is a beautiful thing to find it on my blogroll.

I have also started to think about my future, which of course, is intertwined with the future of the Madam and Mr. She will start education (still thinking about the form of!) next year and I am now really looking at something to increase the cash flow. When I do this I really want to be passionate about it . I know we don't all get the luxury of loving our jobs but I hope I can make it work within the next 12 months on a shoestring budget. I am looking at possibly the showing (and hopefully selling) my photos and pursuing my passion for writing and natural health (together and separately) - if I can get food in there I would have it the jackpot! Who knows! I have to get up and give it a go. I'd rather kick myself for trying than kick myself for just sitting on my butt!

Children reinvent your world for you.
Susan Sarandon

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Kelly said...

i meant to comment yesterday, but wasnt in a commenting mood. Great post! How wonderful that youre finding so much out there for you to grab hold of and learn from and grow. Very exciting times! Good on you for setting out on the path of change- its hard becasue you have to be so conscious, but conscious living is so very rewarding. Hope to meet you in person at the CSA afternoon! Kelly