Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogtober fest Day 4: Smoosh me

Here's lookin at you

This weekend I acheved some of what I need to do and not all of what I wanted - but so be it!

We managed to sneak in a fair amount of park play! The madam has managed to go to four this weekend - and I was able to save some fruit by making some fresh oj & pear and apple smoosh - I am sure there is a more technical term but it works . Great on yoghurt and to fulfill some of those sweet tooth desires!

Oh and I joined the seemingly huge blogtoberfest - click on the icon on the right of the page and follow the links all around......

Fresh things


Maggie May said...

Gorgeous color and warmth in these photos.

Katy said...

Glad you like - I am still learning but hopefully on the improve!