Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food glorious food..

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The Mr and I are very different when it comes to food.....he loves, loves, loves processed food. He comes from a very strict religious upbringing and growing up only had very plain food cooked for him and was not allowed take away. So at 35 I still believe he is working his way through unconsciously (because he would never admit it) rebelling against his parents. If he gets McDonald's, I swear, he is like a kid in a candy store. Since we met I have managed to cut him down to just every now and again but seriously he just loves it.

I, on the other hand, had a fairly 'worldly' upbringing and was able to experience many different foods, spices, herbs. We didn't have a lot of money but I definitely was able to experience healthy 'real' food. As I have got older, and definitely since becoming a mum, I have tried to educate myself about food and bring healthy, local, produce into our house.

When the madam started eating solids I found the secret to getting the Mr to eat different food. I just don't tell him - if I mash it, smash it, hide, put a bit of cheese, etc he just doesn't know. Not that he is silly - he is the smartest person I know - just if it doesn't taste majorly different and I gradually introduce him to things without making a big deal he doesn't really seem to notice (or at least doesn't make fuss!). He loves pepper gravy and thinks I make a pretty good one - not knowing there is flax seed all through it. He thinks my pasties rock - even though they have spinach in them. My veggie bake has peas, zucchini,etc - that of course he just never eats. So you get the idea. Getting my beloved to eat 'out of his bubble' has been much more of a challenge than the Madam - the kid who refused her veg mash unless it had garlic, onion & chili in it!

So yesterday afternoon when he took the Madam and I out to the local organic cafe I did have a little giggle. As there he is ordering a strawberry milkshake ........when it came it looked great - like a milkshake. But there he is all 5'10, tattooed, goatee and work wear pulling a face a three year old would be proud of. ' This isn't a strawberry milkshake...doesn't bloody taste like one!'he squawks ..........I was in hysterics. When I tasted it - it was great - so I explained to him - they use the same milk we do at home just they use real strawberries. That was the funniest thing I had seen for a while.


In my effort to add some sort of culinary adventure to my household I have been scoring food blogs and here are two of my new favourites Honest Fare and Happy Foody both beautiful blogs with stunning recipes that give me hope of achieving brilliant culinary status without having the Mr pulling the same face he did yesterday!

Oh and I am still trying to catch Love my Way....didn't quite work out yet!


Chrisy said...

Strange isn't it how we develop different food tastes...sounds tho that you're doing a great job at your house...not sure if you've seen Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively's all about hiding good stuff!

Umatji said...

Aaah, food history - its great to think about I reckon! My little boy loves capers and anchovies so who knows what he will be into as an adult! Still - my other half eats very broadly but when it comes to the crunch his favourite is sausage and mash - food history! Good luck! I have a link to the Moosewood recipes on my side bar - have you come across mooosewood?