Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Tour Down Under at my place!


The madam and I ventured into our 'frontyard' this morning and went to stage 5 (I think) of The Tour Down Under which is actually pretty cool. We are locals so it is just down our street which means there is no driving in or out today so we just walked down and checked it out. We got there a bit early so the most we saw was the first part of the riders going round - apperently there were five more sightings to go.

We wandered around and it was brilliant to see our little 'village' transformed into party central. We had markets , music, giveaways and after talking with a few locals it looked like it was going to be a profitable day all round. I don't really know much about cycling and I only really know Lance Armstrong because he has dated a few famous girls and has his foundation but it was still pretty inspiring to see all the cyclists doing their thing. It is also pretty cool how most of SA digs out the lycra whenever the tour is on!

The Madam has been holding tight on an Aussie flag (the boxing kangaroo one!) because she knew she could wave it for the riders. I just didn't realise quite how many people, that weren't officially racing, would be lycra clad sweating their way around this morning. Between them and the largish police presence the madam got a little mixed up about which bike riders were meant to recieve her cheers and so gave them all an earful of 'Go Aussie bike riders! Go, GO, GO' (purely her own invention).

A good day to share with my madam x
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Kelly said...

nice, we live at stirling and they pass our frnt door too- its pretty funny seeing the place get all spivvied up for the top soil, mulch, flowers and bushes..the town swells, parkings becomes scarce..but fun to see so many on the road that AREN'T cars!

Chrisy said...

The little treasure!
And if people insist on going out in public in lycra suppose they deserve to have little children wave and shout at them!

Corinne said...

Love the pix! What a great day!

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

How cool. I love cycling. I'd love to be able to walk to The Tour Down Under.