Friday, January 8, 2010

Funny thing that love

The Mr

The Mr and I are complete opposites - where I am left he is right, where I love art and creativity he loves math and sensible answers, where I like 'art' films and indi docos he watches big budget American blockbusters - I think in the five years we have been together we have only agreed on about five things!
Sometimes it can be very difficult to co - exist in a life with your complete opposite. Sometimes, on both sides, it feels like you take a step forward and two steps back. We have both driven each other to complete madness and frustration and yes....we have thought is it worth it?

Yes it is....

Because when it comes down to it I wouldn't want to argue, disagree, discuss and make up with anyone else and I never wanted to be with someone who would just agree to placate me (which the Mr will never do!)

Funny how love works isn't it?

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