Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simplify and let go...

Simple things

I think I am working out that if I let go of things/people I don't become as stressed as I usually get. It's difficult to not over think things as I can have a tendancy to be 'over neurotic'. I'm always apologising, calling to make sure no one was offended, etc, etc. But I'm slowly working out that if I just let go and accept things the way they are often it is just me that is over thinking and no one else really gives a shit!

I am also working on letting go of some negative people around - at the moment it seems to have happened suprisingly easy and I feel a lot better - I can actually feel myself being more positive and talking about many other topics besides the continouse drama that those people created.

Now it's just the other 500 things I need to work on......

The photo has nothing really to do with it I just loved the can and thought it was simply lovely

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

It is surprisingly easy to let go of negative people isn't it? In my case I just stopped visiting them, they never visited us so I suppose it was meant to be. I do like the can, although I am biased as blue is one of my favourite colours.