Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go team Julia!

Photo of new Prime Minister Julia Gillard courtesy of here

I don't think it had ever occurred to me that it would happen, which shows a little complacency on my part, but Australia now has a woman leading it. My country, my home, the place I will raise my daughter in is now run by a female. I am proud.

I know there is a question over how she was elected to power and I believe she addressed that in her maiden speech. Yes she was brought to power by male faction leaders but (as I have just found out) we never actually vote in our primeminister - the party chooses who will run and that candidate is elected in his/her seat - the Westminster system. Anyway....... she is in power. I hope and I so want to believe that she will do the right thing and if she is to believed she will endeavour to do her best by the Australian people.

I think Keven Rudd did the best he could , yes I voted for him, I hope he does stay in politics as he seems to be a compassionate, intelligent man. I also feel that we did need a change, we needed to progress and Prime Minister Gillard will do that.

I am proud to live in a country that through whatever means a woman can be in such a role of power. I am proud that I can raise my daughter in such a country.

I am really happy that I have political hope again.....


Liesl said...

It was definitely an historic moment when the female G-G swore in the female P.M. (I was always told that girls could apire to be prime minister ... I never imagined it would take until I was 41 to see it happen!)

blue milk said...

Yay for the return of your political hope.