Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I found whilst creeping around....

I found this and really need to remember to pay more attention to including it in every day!

When I was a feminist, save the world, no one understnads me teenager this lady was my that stage she was on Triple J with Mikey Robbins.....I had her radio show on all the time.....she was the person who 'told me' that Kurt Cobain had she writes here

Below makes me want to educate and continue to nurture confidence in my daughter so she never stops being the force of nature she is....and it makes me want to keep her in the house away from the outside world........don't worry I will let her out!


Ellieboo said...

Geez I love the Dove campaigns - they are great - thanks for showing me this one

Corinne said...

These videos are so important, they tug at my heart as deeply as my daughter does. Because it's so important to keep the conversation going, to make sure she knows she's MORE than what the ads say, and the media and whatever else that is helping tear down all of our self esteem and foster negative body image.
Thanks for getting me worked up this morning :) And I mean that!